Sometimes, when you are reading, a thread will appear that ties disparate readings together. I’ve been talking to my students about reading in which you synthesize what you have learned. These two posts are kind of like that.

Community College Dean says that cc faculty are first subject matter specialists and second teachers. I thought it was an insightful comment. Yes, it should have been obvious, but I hadn’t articulated it that way.

I wonder if that has any impact on the fact that research is valued over teaching at universities.

Then the Core Knowledge Blog is talking about Utah’s plans to allow people to teach who have subject matter knowledge without any previous teaching experience or education.

As a person who went through an education program, most of the classes were taught before the students knew what they needed to know. Most people finished all their course work and then did their student teaching. Another student and I had an education class during the time we were student teaching. You could tell, because every time something came up, we were asking about it. We were always trying to relate what we were learning in class to the classes we were teaching.

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