PCA: Panel Notes

Because academe is so tolerant and diverse. (Sarcasm.) These notes were taken during 2009’s PCA conference. However, I did not feel I should publish them here immediately.  They show a very clear example of the “everyone thinks like me” political left-leaning bias in academia.

<blockquote>I looked at “the leading candidates, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama” … Frances, first speaker

Sarah Palyen- Stephanie, second speaker (pay lee en)

“I don’t want to hurt anyone’s sensibilities,” said the third speaker Muree. “You don’t have to worry about that. I think you will find we are all open minded here.” Panel director.

“the past eight years were so bad” Muree

“constitutional lawyer versus a president who spent eight years ignoring the constitution” audience questioner

For why Europe likes Obama: “Bush was the anti-American cowboy” rugged, drawl, cowboy boots –audience member</blockquote>

The panel was on political rhetoric, so the comments weren’t off topic. They were just significantly biased.

It’s almost time for this year’s PCA, so I think it has been long enough.

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