Online courses: Too easy?

The Math Curmudgeon was talking to a student about an online course.

Go read what the conversation sounded like.

Then come back and tell me if you have had that experience with online courses. I’m very interested.

One thought on “Online courses: Too easy?”

  1. I doubt that course is typical, but I also don’t think much of the online courses I’ve seen being marketed to homeschoolers.

    I belong to a group of homeschoolers with high-school age students and often check the programs they recommend. The big emphasis in the online English courses is getting kids ready for bubble tests.

    Most of the “writing programs” are designed for students to teach themselves. I am, to say the least, dubious about students’ teaching credentials.

    The typical assignment is to read literature, give short answers to questions, and select a project (typically read by no one except the student). They may submit a few papers to an instructor. Those I’ve seen have evaluated responses primarily for writing mechanics and style.

    I have not seen any online writing courses that I thought prepared students for academic or workplace writing—aside from those I teach, and I admit to tad of bias there.

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