Poster Presentations

I am teaching Writing in the Behavioral (mostly Social) Sciences this semester. As part of that class, they are creating poster presentations. The book has very little useful information, so I compiled this list of much better sources which are readily available, if computers are available.

One of my alma mater’s has a great website on poster presentations.

posterBio 801 has a good site. I like the graphics.

This is the powerpoint I was looking for. I like it and it covers the basics.

The Primatologists have good ideas but they don’t say it in a pretty way.

Purdue’s OWL (the best around, and not just because I got my PhD at Purdue) has a series of Powerpoints on poster presentations, including sentence level examination. “Five Principles” is good. There’s also a good discussion of the design.

Excellent doc design, some great examples, and some very good tips (particularly for when the students actually have to do a poster presentation that matters for their careers).

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