What does a college class using fairy tales look like?

I hand out a set of questions for literary analysis very similar to what I received in graduate school to teach with, and we read through the concepts first. These concepts include questions on
point of view

Then I give a definition and a short history of fairy tales.

After that we read one of the fairy tales in class.

little-red-riding-hood1My expectation when I first did this was that every native student would be familiar with fairy tales. This has not turned out to be true.

We work through a couple sets of the questions on the literary analysis handout using the chosen fairy tale. Then we go on to another fairy tale and do another section or two of the questions.

For homework, they use a different story for the same kinds of analysis.

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  1. Dr. Davis,

    Thanks for your posts on fairy tales. Have you posted the set of questions for literary analysis that you use? If so, do you mind directing me to the article?

    Thank you,

    Sarah Jackson

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