Job Interview

telephonesI got a call for another job interview via phone tomorrow. They said that finalists, whoever those are, will be contacted in June for on-campus interviews with administration and the committee.

I am wondering whether they will be using the same questions that the developmental people did. I doubt it, but maybe.

And I’m trying to figure out what questions I can ask them. They made a point about Shakespeare, so I’m guessing I could ask what made them decide they needed that as a litmus test. But I’d need to phrase it better.

I think they will expect a question about the differences between them and CC1. But I actually know most of the differences. I guess I could do the, “This is what I think based on what I know is that an accurate representation of your campus?”

And I received an email notification that a third job I applied for is just beginning review of the CVs. They said it would be sixty to ninety days (which is practically school starting time!).

May I just say that community colleges really wait till the last minute around here? I wonder if that is true everywhere.

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