The Email Notification

From the college about the job, with identifying information like my name redacted.

Dear X: Thank you for applying for the Instructor, English position in the X department at X. Your application has been forwarded to the hiring manager or screening committee. We appreciate your patience, as this review process may take at least 60 to 90 days to complete. You may login to the site to check the status of your application under Manager Jobs. Please do not respond to this email address as it is unmanned and you will not receive a response. Again, thank you for your interest in employment at X.

Hey, it’s automated, but at least I got a reply. I know they got my information. And I have an approximate date by which to kiss that job goodbye.

Which is good, actually, because I assumed they weren’t going to call me since it’s thirty days already after the closing date for that position.

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