Final grades are due tomorrow at noon. I am finished with my grading, even though I had five sets of essays to grade.

The most common grade in my courses was a B, with 43% of my students receiving a B.

But 3/8s of the students dropped out of the classes. That was the most eye-opening number I saw with the number crunching.

3/8s of the students in freshman and sophomore classes dropped out. And they dropped out after paying at least part of their tuition.

The percentages of dropouts at the SLAC was less than at the CC, but significantly higher than I lost last semester there. Last semester I lost 1/10 of the students in developmental English. This semester I lost 1/5 in a second semester freshman course and a sophomore required writing course.

It’s amazing to me how many students drop out.

As a plus, I can tell my students next semester that 68% of my students make As and Bs. (Not counting the ones who drop out.)

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  1. Hello Dr. Davis,
    It’s good to see the results or grades from your English classes. I’m an English major myself. Often times in all of my classes; especially my major classes I wonder how many people pass the courses or how many drop out/fail. Including the factors…. not just what the students did but also from the teacher’s end of the grading and/or job. The student does their end and so should the teacher.

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