Giving a Presentation

I am giving a presentation in two days and my paper is 3x too long. What do I cut? What do I cut? Do I drop the historical information? Do I just go for a minimal discussion of the background and launch into the meat of the matter?

I really need to decide this soon. Anyone have any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Giving a Presentation”

  1. Usually for me, when I do a presentation I try to get to the meat of the matter and along with making sure that the content is fresh and include a good perspective on the topic. Sometimes as some of my college instructors would say, especially in English is to cut the fluff out. Information that is not needed unless the audience may not know about and need some sort of explaination.

  2. Kelvin, I went with your recommendation. I hated to do that, because most of the work I did was really introductory. However, it was a better presentation because of all the work, even if I didn’t get to share that. Thank you.

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