Interview Questions, with the Deans

There were ten questions. I remember nine so far. If I come up with the tenth, I will write it here, too.

As with the other interview, the questions were far more involved. The versions I am putting up are the meat of the questions.

1. What is your background/experience that qualifies you for this job?

2. What would a typical day in your classroom be like?

3. What do you think of technology and how do you use it?

4. How do you do assessments?

5. How do you keep current professionally?

6. How do you work with students with disabilities?

7. How can you help retention?

8. How have you shown leadership?


10. What would you like to ask us?

I was scheduled for the interview at ten. Turns out someone else was scheduled for 11. I was there on time. But we didn’t wrap up until 11:08 or so, and only then because someone knocked on the door for the next interviewee.

The dean asked me a couple of off-topic questions based on my experiences and I answered them. Either she is really interested in me or she expected never to see me again and wanted to get her answers while she could.

The dean did a good job of making me feel good. She told me I was one of three out of hundreds. She said she liked my writing emphasis.

… I think the interview went well.

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