Uh oh. This may be why I’m not the winning finalist.

You have ten presentations and NO academic publications? WTF? If I were on a SC this would be a huge red flag.

Would it count as much if the presentations were all in the same year?

You know, I don’t even know what academic publications are. I guess I should call my friends at colleges around the country and ask.

That stinks.

By the way, yes, I think it is part of the issue. I know CC4 was concerned about the lack of publications. I didn’t think to tell them about the book contract.

It’s probably too late now. But I will remember next time. And hopefully next year I will have more publications to put on my CV. Of course, that’s what I really need to look into now.

2 thoughts on “Uh oh. This may be why I’m not the winning finalist.”

  1. Dr. Davis, as a weekly reader, I hope you get the teaching position you want. I always look at the opportunities that we go for and take advantage of and are sure they we capable of having are chances. What I mean is we all should get a chance to fulfill or complete the position that we apply for because we may not have exactly what they are looking for. So whatever happens, I think you are a winning finalist!

  2. Wow. It seems that my PhD program left something out of my education and I left something out of my pressing into becoming an “active” professional in the field of college teaching (writing, presenting, and publishing).

    From December 2008 to November 2011 I have had twenty-nine (yes, 29) publications. I have seventeen other articles written which have not gone out.

    Maybe I should write a blog post on this.

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