Writing versus Publishing

This year I submitted multiple essays, whose proposals had been accepted, but the works were not published. That is very frustrating.

bk-w-paperRight now I am working on fixing a creative nonfiction piece for a post-Civil Rights book. I was in the right place at the right time, though I didn’t know it, and now if I can just get it down well, I will have a publication. I am also hoping the writing will help defuse the trauma of the experience.

I am also working on a book for which I have a contract. The book is due October 1, but I figure I need to have it finished by the end of summer. That is keeping me somewhat busy, as you can imagine. Obviously I can’t publish anything here from it, but if I have too much on something, I might add it here after I send the book in (so they know it wasn’t part of the book without any doubt).

I have one piece still out that is very important to me, but a lot of the sources are very old, as I started work on it twenty years ago. (Scary thought.) But I think the information is important still. We’ll see if it’s anything they want. I’m thinking not.

I also have a chapter out for a book. I haven’t heard anything back from them at all. I loved working on the chapter, but I wish I knew something. Of course, if it is something bad, maybe I don’t wish that.

My situation is not uncommon. One professor I work with at SLAC has a book contract this summer as well. He also has twelve finished books he has not been able to find a publisher for. That’s a lot of work for nothing in terms of publication or help for job security.

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