Augmented Reality and Writing Research

move from the 2D space to a 3D space

weather-print-philip-emeagwali-laptop-computer-posters-photos-pictures-biography-supercomputers-internet-450thumbnailAugmented Reality is the technology

Define and explain AR

Provide examples of tech

Position AR in writing studies

Explain its possible impact on tech comm

Def I: AR supplements the real world with virtual objects that appear to co-exist in the same space as the real world.

Def 2: combines real and virtual, registered in 3D

How does it work?
necessary hardware components:
computing system (on person or remote)
trackers/MARS = GPS tracking system
hand-held display/head mounted display (tablet pc, cell phone, AR glasses)

Looks very odd, but interesting.

What is the point of it? I don’t see that yet.

Ah. BMW video.

BMW is looking at the 5 series with heads up display.

How does that work for technical communication? It impacts.

affordances of AR and mixed reality environments
overlay of virtual and real
interact and manipulate both
virtual objects made material (abstract-concrete)
author environment (new compositional space/composing as a way of knowing)
record experience (playback for workplace training)

You record someone who knows how to do something. Then you use that to teach others.

Why important?
1. Close observation positively impacts writing (Hillocks, 1979)
2. AR environments allow for close observation, esp of abstract concepts
3. If we can understand the impacts certain AR affordances have on writing, we can tailor these AR systems to provide experiences
4. New compositional space / composing as a way of knowing
5. Impact of replication from 3D to 2D writing space

Why imp for tech comm?
Experts needed to author environments. For example, a museum wants to explain things. (podcasts now)
Words, images, and icon displays
proper amount of information displayed for a user (information overload–system adaptability)
audio cues and voice commands in addition to words and images

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