Constructing Hybrid Courses

Karen Lunsford, UC- SB

“Constructing Hybrid Courses as Information Literacy Landscapes”

does not have a course mgmt system yet
proprietary… don’t play together

Moodle and Sakai

want to get in on the ground floor

comparing hybrid courses with f2f courses to show they are equivalent
required to show that hybrid = f2f at UC

How do you bring the library into the course mgmt system in meaningful ways?

No place for the library. As if you don’t need the library at all.

Sakai, samples
6 classes, first year comp
some writing for engineers are first year comp
not the research-writing class
one of the assignments in the quarter has the intro to the library

tried four different things
1. incorporating links to the library
2. uploaded library orientation materials to resource folders
3. screen capture videos of accessing library
4. chat room space with the librarian

looking at effectiveness of different techniques
did a survey of all students at end of class
did they all own computers? yes. Everyone had a laptop.
What resources on the site did they access? did screen captures to remind
focus group at the end to follow up on survey questions 5 or 6
Asked if they were like fb

trying to make moodle and sakai look more like fb

quotations from focus group T=tape, P=person

caricature-cute-studentlinks and resources folders… Students did not even see them.

links, if there was a link, they didn’t want to be taken to the library… they wanted to be taken to the exact database they needed

One of the conventions for hypertext is they take you directly to the sources that they need.

Students were confused by multiple streams. “I’m not sure how these resources relate to each other.”

Videos and chat rooms were popular. Really liked them because they told you exactly where to go.

How are we going to integrate literacy into these kinds of spaces?

Information literacy = a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information

leaves out: Sakai is work. not committed to the Sakai site. My friends aren’t there, so we are ignoring it.
I checked it more often than if it were just a website. I tried to do more work because people were going to be looking at it.

how do resources work together?

Annemaree Lloyd redefining information literacy. Journal of Documentation
ability to know what there is in a landscape and to draw meaning for this…”
looking at firefighters, engaged in the firefighting

how do we bring in this metaphor?
continue with video, getting people engaged with the librarians

visualization software somehow

Question: Would the breadcrumbs concept Mary talked about help you map in the way you are talking about? Need to send that note to Karen.

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