Public/Private Authority, Computers & Writing 2009

Casey McArdle, Ball State U

“The Digital Emergence of the Public/Private Authority”

students said “ruined the internet for them” when I gave a short version of this to my students

What is my job?
educate them
rhetoric and grammar- fish
hold hands and talk about our feelings -elbow

My answer: How do we keep from being tricked by The Man?

re-examine the public sphere and the private authority by re-examining Web 2.0

Tim O’Reilly and Web 2.0 (2005)
google AdSense

Why did he get it wrong?
2.0? what is it? creator of word says “they have embraced the power of the web to harness collective intelligence” (O’Reilly)

McArdle’s version of 2.0
“dev and creation of websites that utilize the nature of the web as a means to comm via online constructs set in place and/or created by the designer to utilize such constructs. Essentially, for the web by the web”

Web 3.14 (web pi)
anything created for the web to utilize the medium is web 2.0

what does this have to do with Habermas?
for Habermas, the creation of these spheres came from his social observations and his belief that modernity “is largely the product of the Enlightenment dream o a free and just society guided by the light of reason” (Leitch 1742)

Habermas’ Spheres and the web
Private: civil society, family/internal, educational
Public: market place, consumers, advertisers, revenue
Private authority: who you have to get through to be able to put on the web (I guess CS people, who holds your blog,etc.) search engines, browsers

Defines authority. 12 lines

Controlling the web…

Are we really acting without constraints? Or are they guiding us.

dore-raven1Perceptions of the web… talking about browsers
code interpreting the code
give you a projected image

Interesting to see breadcrumbs with different browsers… That would be unique.

Habermas said we must have a “civil society” for the public sphere to work

Using web 3.14,
“global brain”
blogosphere is the equivalent of constant mental chatter in the forebrain
blogosphere has begun to have a powerful effect (O’Reilly)

Different Lens
basically any web app can be seen as software (O’Reilly)

James A. Evans… very disturbing, but important

a call to action:
How are we called to action?

Building a digital bridge
by re-examining the basic constructs of the web
understanding the multitude of publics and the lens afforded by the Private Authority

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