Interview Questions: Take 2

I went through my blog and pulled out the questions this college asked in their last round of interviews. I wrote answers to them so that I would be prepared.

Those are not, of course, the questions I got on the test. (Doesn’t it feel that way sometimes? Perhaps it will make me more supportive of my students.)

Their questions were:

Describe the role of an English department in a community college.

What experience do you have with
writing centers,
developmental writing,
online education,
and dual credit classes?

How have you incorporated technology into your classroom? How has that worked? not worked?

Give an example of a writing assignment that you created and tell why you created it.

How do issues of diversity shape your classroom planning?

How do you give students ongoing feedback?

What do you do if you have a student who is falling behind?

What do you take to an English department that is unique? (Those were there words, “take to” as opposed to “bring to.” Interesting.)

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