My Thoughts on the Interview

I thought I was well-prepared, but I am not sure my answers were good. I tended to… drop off at the end. I just wasn’t sure what they were interested in and I was trying to answer all the possibilities I could think of.

They called me 20 minutes late but finished at 12:52. Does that mean that they were talking to someone else who was more interesting before that? Does it mean they went over in their discussion about the person? Or are they habitually late?

I wish I had said, in answer to their answers about the ideal candidate, that I have been working a 5/5 load while writing and presenting that long list of conference papers. I think that might have spoken to that question.

After the interview, I would want to work at this school. Of course, I thought that before the interview too.

I don’t think my answers were very polished. I’m not sure that I’ll make the next round. But I tried.

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