Notes from Write to the Top!

I am reading Write to the Top! by W. Brad Johnson and Carol A. Mullen, both first authors on the book. They have lots of good ideas and I am trying to take notes now because I have already seen several things I think would be helpful to review. I may break this post into pieces or I may have a long chunk of notes.

These notes are not a synopsis of the book but are the points of information that I most want to remember or simply enjoyed the way they wrote.

“High-energy, focused, tenure-earning faculty usually join editorial boards of journals and other publishing presses, review for the journals, associations, and funding agencies in which they seek publication or sponsorship, and assume a leadership role within their favorite professional association” (29).

Keep active with “one service commitment to your department, college, university, and field” (30).

write-to-the-top1“[M]any colleges and universities now require tenure-seeking faculty to list separately publications that arise from their teaching context” (31).

“The artificial lines many faculty draw in the sands separating research from teaching and service are limiting… Productive faculty members become adept at producing scholarship wherever they are” (32).

“[E]xcellent teaching becomes more difficult without a substantial allocation of resources to scholarship” (38).

“Keep ‘to do’ lists for your day, year, and career” (43).

“[P]rolific colleagues … keep a yearly planner for such major academic due dates as conference proposals, grant applications, and manuscript submission or revision” (44).

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