How Many Students?

According to CCCC (1996), English faculty should not teach more than 20 students in a writing class. They should not teach more than 60 students in a semester.


25 x 2
20 x 4

I am going to be teaching double the number of students that are recommended.

teacherstud-illus-bigOf course, I know that I am teaching a high number because I am teaching six courses. At CC1 the full-time load is five, two of which are usually literature classes. At SLAC the full-time load is four, with again, usually at least two literature courses.

So I am teaching three times the number of comp courses taught by ft tt’s at SLAC.

What are the good points about my schedule?

I am teaching interesting classes.

I am teaching comp classes. Since I am a comp teacher, I find that good.

I get to teach new preps. I know, that probably shouldn’t be good, but I get bored.

I get to teach a pilot course. I am looking forward to that, although I really need to get in gear and prepare it better than it is right now. Right now it’s mostly random lists in different places with some ideas jotted down to look into.

I will have lots of great students. (With 130 I have to have lots of great students, right?)

This really tells me that I need to get the writing done for my publications and work on syllabi. Of course, it would be good if I had copies of the books I am going to teach my courses with. Maybe I should email the secretary (poor overworked and undervalued woman) and ask if those are available. Yes, I definitely should do that. First thing. Maybe even stop right now and do that.

Update: Okay, I did that. She’s out of vacation, so I emailed.

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