I can’t do everything.

study-books-computer-illustration-bigMy husband has recently accused me of being a workaholic. I am writing a book, have sent out four articles for publication this summer, have written proposals for four presentations, and have requested two book reviews. The book I have received is fascinating, though the review isn’t due for a while.

Tonight I saw a CFP that I would really like to do. It would mean a publication this summer, while I am waiting for my other works to hit the journals. But even though I have about half of the article written previously, I can not work on it. I open the page and I can’t figure out how to organize it better. I know what I did with it and I know it worked well, but I am not quite sure how to present it so that the readers get it.

I think I am going to have to admit that I cannot do everything. Which is too bad. Because I have twenty page lists of things I want to do soon. And that doesn’t even include the normal range of things that come around regularly.

I did have a presentation accepted for the fall and one for the spring. I was very excited about both of those. I won’t hear till next month on the presentation in May. I would like it to be accepted too (of course), even though it means two other conferences would not be on my radar next semester.

What am I doing? I’m working full-time at writing this summer, trying to beef up my credentials and get myself in a cycle by which I can continue to publish and present. I think I have done a good job, but I have to keep reminding myself… I can’t do everything.

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