Updating the Curriculum Vitae

I haven’t gotten a full-time position. I am sure you realize that by now. I still want one. Or I want one again.

So, at the Chronicle, I find How to Get a Teaching Job at a Liberal-Arts College by Gary DeCoker.

Your curriculum vitae. Position your teaching experience toward the top of your CV. List the courses you’ve taught (with a brief description of each), your role in the course, the number of students, and perhaps the required texts. If you have teaching evaluations, include a few copies with your application materials, or make reference to them in your letter, vitae, or separate statement of your teaching philosophy. Your publications and presentations do not need annotations; a mere list will suffice. Along with your professional memberships, list the conferences you’ve attended, even if you were not a presenter.

occupations_teacher3I’m not sure what to do with this. I just minimized my courses taught list because no one ever talked about those. Do they really want my teaching evaluations? No. There’s no way to put those in my online applications, which most of the schools I am applying to use. A list of my publications and presentations will suffice. I am not so sure. I know I haven’t been offered jobs because both of those were too limited.

Why do you want to know the conferences I’ve attended? If you look at my presentations, you will see them. It’s been years since I attended and didn’t present. I’m spending several thousand dollars a year going to conferences. I’m going to go to the ones I can present at.

(This year, so far,
PCA/ACA SwTx in Albuquerque $900
CCTE in Austin $400
PCA/ACA in New Orleans $1000
ALA in Boston $1200
C&W in California $1000)

Plus, I’ve been told that one reason I didn’t get a job at one school was I didn’t have enough presentations. At another it was that I had no publications. At another it was that I had no online experience. At another it was that I was too old. At another the provost didn’t like me. I can fix the first three.

So I am getting conflicting information. Am I just not a good candidate because I’m an older woman and no one (or few) want to say that?

Maybe I need to go revamp my CV again.

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