State Budget Crunch Not Really Bad Enough

dollar-sign-in-handIt’s not bad enough to take free service from retired faculty who are willing to adjunct so that classes can meet.

In February, an association of retired UNC-Chapel Hill professors sought to help ease daunting budget cuts by offering to jump back into teaching, free of charge.

The response from the university, they say, has been underwhelming.

“It was more than a gesture; it was a well-thought-out offer to the university,” said Andrew Dobelstein, a retired professor of social welfare policy and the group’s president. “I’m quite frankly surprised we haven’t gotten much response.”

There is no university mechanism for connecting retired faculty members with teaching slots or other academic roles, Strauss said, adding that those connections are best made within each department. The UNC system has no formal program concerning retired faculty members, either.

Well, if you have a 10% cut, wouldn’t you think now is the time for that?

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