To Be or Not to Be: An Expert

Expertise, Who wants some? by D-Ed Reckoning:


Let’s talk about expertise and why acquiring more expertise might be a desirable goal of education.

But, rather than start with the premise that having more expertise is preferrable to having less expertise. (And, being an expert is preferrable to being a novice. And, performing more like an expert is preferrable to performing more like a novice (or non-expert)). Let’s see if the premise is generally true.

What are the advantages of having expertise or being an expert, where an expert is defined as being more knowledgable than a non-expert?

The article continues with seven advantages to being/using an expert and one big disadvantage.

Basically, experts are domain specific. I may be an expert on Shakespeare’s romances, but that doesn’t mean I am a Shakespeare expert in general or an expert in all men named William. Interesting thoughts in there.

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