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College English Association is in San Antonio this year. Calls are for proposals till November 1.

Texas CEA also has CFPs till November 1 October 28. If you want to go to a friendly, small conference, this is one. Great people.

The website used to say November 1, but the mass mailing I got sometime says that the end date is October 28. A week ago it was still November 1. But it does now say October 28.

The positive point on the mass mailing is that CCTE is also open for proposals until October 28. The website used to say October 1, but they changed it.

If you’re in Texas, or nearby in Louisiana, or even wanting to drive in from Arkansas or Oklahoma, this is a great small conference. A hundred people, all of them teachers, all of them interested and participating. It’s a positive place to try out something new. I highly recommend it.

Popular Culture has calls. Proposals are due between November 15 and December 15. Don’t take my spot, but other than that, they have EVERYTHING you could want to talk about. History, psychology, literature, circuses, cemeteries…. It’s all there.

2 thoughts on “Calls for Papers”

  1. I presented at PCA this year in New Orleans, and I can’t wait to go back. I presented a paper about Willy Wonka in the Film Adaptation area. What did you present in? Maybe we were at one of the other’s panels and didn’t even know it.

    Unfortunately, 2010 has two conferences very close together I want to attend and submit to their CFPs: Slayage in St. Augustine, FL and PCA in St. Louis, if I’m remembering correctly. They’re too close together (time wise) for my wife and I to attend both, so we’re going to have to make a choice.

  2. I loved PCA. I had never heard of it before two years ago and I ran into a blogger who talked about going and how much she enjoyed it and how much better it was than Modern Language Association. So I went. I love it.

    Last year I presented in the politics section, which is not something I usually am involved with, but because of the presidential election, I had been.

    I am having the same issue with two conferences too close together. I am trying to go to CEA, which will mean I can’t go to PCA.

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