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How about a “Sexual Favor Fail” on College Humor?

I’ve never had that problem and think Todd handled it well. But, dang, Caroline needs to get a grip.

Erin O’Connor on Critical Mass has a lot to say about political activism in the writing classroom. I agree with her.

I especially liked the AAUP quote:

The university teacher, in giving instruction upon controversial matters, while he is under no obligation to hide his own opinion under a mountain of equivocal verbiage, should, if he is fit for his position, be a person of a fair and judicial mind; he should, in dealing with such subjects, set forth justly, without suppression or innuendo, the divergent opinions of other investigators; he should cause his students to become familiar with the best published expressions of the great historic types of doctrine upon the questions at issue; and he should, above all, remember that his business is not to provide his students with ready-made conclusions, but to train them to think for themselves, and to provide them access to those materials which they need if they are to think intelligently.

But it was from a long time ago and is hard to read, so it must not be important, right?

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