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Another work in Teaching American Literature: A Journal of Theory and Practice, Spring 2009, is about teaching Walt Whitman using the Walt Whitman archive and wikis.

walt_whitman1I have never even seen the archive, so I am not an expert, but it seems that the approach in “”A Noiseless Patient Spider”: Whitman, Wikis, and the Web” would be a positive class experience and an interesting education.

I wish I were in the class for the 200 minutes of declaiming on the campus lawn. “Leaves of Grass” aloud, lounging… What a perfect juxtaposition for serious online research.

I think this class benefited from the 200 minute class periods. But I would assume the same could be done in smaller chunks. The course as she teaches it is an upper division course, but I think students would gravitate toward it: “Literature and the Digital Archive: Walt Whitman.”

Once again, you’ll have to scroll down but this author at least takes significant advantage of the electronic medium of the journal. (Having read through the others I am delighted that the editor of CEA Forum asked me for links to be embedded into the article.)

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