Conference of College Teachers of English CFP

CCTE is a great small conference. Last year there were around 100 people at the conference. There has traditionally been a high acceptance rate in literature and creative writing, with a lower acceptance rate in rhetoric. However, there was mention of expanding the rhetoric sections.

This year’s meeting will be in Beaumont, TX. I know it’s not a tourist area, but it is a nice little town.

If you’ve been wanting to get into conferences, here’s a good place to try your hand at a presentation.

CCTE welcomes scholarly papers, creative writing, and panel proposals in all areas of literature and language, including linguistics and language studies, as well as the teaching of these areas. Papers and panel proposals in teaching writing, ESL, developmental writing, and the virtual classroom are also welcome. CCTE accepts only submissions that have not been read or published elsewhere.

All submissions are due October 28, 2009. Please follow these guidelines for all conference submissions:

E-mail submissions only to the appropriate session chair (see list below)
Timed presentations only: 9-10 double-spaced pages (15-18 minute reading time)
Full conference paper preferred but 500-word abstract accepted for initial consideration
Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction: must be complete when submitted
Panel Proposals: must include a full abstract or paper from each panel member. Each abstract or paper will be accepted or rejected individually.
Presenters who do not pay dues by November 30 will be removed from the program.
All abstracts, papers, creative writing, and panel proposals MUST be submitted with two cover pages: one with the presenter’s name, academic affiliation (or independent scholar), mailing address, telephone, and email address; and a second with only the title of the presentation. That is, the actual abstract, paper, creative writing, or panel proposal should include its title but NO writer identification of any kind on any of its pages.
Consideration for an award (listed below) or for publication in CCTE Studies requires submission of completed paper to the appropriate chair by February 1, 2010.

Literature, Film, Popular Culture: Gwen Whitehead

Rhetoric, Composition, Technical Writing, Language Studies: Kathleen Mollick

Creative Writing, Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction: Arch Mayfield

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