Navel Gazing: My Answers to the Chronicle Adjunct Survey

I love taking tests, surveys, and any introspective quizzes. So… Here are my answers to the adjunct survey from the Chronicle.

Highest Degree

# of institutions June 2008-May 2009

Which type of class did you teach most often?
This year, however, at SLAC I am primarily teaching majors courses.

Estimate your total income from adjuncting
Oh, they want numbers. Between $15K and 20K. I taught full-time last year.

What is the primary reason you work as an adjunct?
Up until last year, to fit with demands of family life.
Now, because I can’t get a full-time job.

Did the institution provide:
offices –Yes
money for conferences –No
professional development –Yes
support services –Yes

Did you:
help develop courses –Yes
serve on faculty committees –No
attend department meetings –No


Pursue own writing and research?

Considering all aspects as an adjunct,
I am satisfied.

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