SCMLA- Social Media and Effective Communication

I took notes at this session and transferred them onto my blog. So I guess that means it is retroactively live blogged.

Dr. Heidi Huse, University of Tennessee at Martin
“Civic Blogs, Emails, Tweets: Re-examining 21st C Effective Communication”

“Good writing must be the quintessential 21st-century skill” (NCTE).

At all levels, up-and-coming teachers and their instructors need to know the potential of the digital practices they can tinker with and explore” (Shari Wargo, May 2009)

What does digital literacy look like and include in 2009? (Wargo)

ability to use computers and word processing
read online
understand online reading
upload photos
social network use, including interactions
source evaluation
individual types: podcasts, vidcasts, blogs, PowerPoint presentations

What digital literacies do college writing/technical writing instructors need to have to be effective classroom educators in 209-2010 and beyond, to acquire and teach while still fostering “good writing”?
email etiquette
Powerpoint presentation rules

Where does actual technology instruction belong in first-year writing curricula–in our revolutionary “changed writing environment”? In advanced writing or rhetoric curricula? In technical writing curricula? What rhetorical instruction belongs here?
Not much answer here. She asked the question, but did not respond. This is something I need to think about seriously.

What does 21st century rhetoric include? In what ways is it evolving in our digital age? What rhetorical awareness and skills must we continue and/or begin to teach to students as communicators in 2009?
audience awareness
discourse community
examination and identification

What does 21st-century “good writing” look like in 2009?
pictures in it, document design, looks good

There was a handout with the bolded stuff. Then I filled in the rest.

Paper notes:
radicalized connectivity

print-based dinosaur

Digital Literacy
Digital Literacy flourishing in a human Knowledge Society

join the future and support all forms of the 21st C

co-apprenticeship, rather than apprentice and master

democratization of the internet has brought millions to poor writing

“good reading is damn hard writing”

Has new tech really changed nature and shape of writing?
-Somewhat. With chunking.


immediacy of class
boundary issues are breached with facebook and twitter

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