In the office over the holidays?

Community College Dean, a very successful academic blogger, had a post up asking if it was reasonable that a professor left school after his finals were over and did not return until he was expected to be at school again.

I think that’s ridiculous. Of course it is reasonable. We are not staff who are expected to be in our offices over the Christmas break. If there are no students, there is little need for teachers.

But I checked my email yesterday and I had a “you’re late” message from the college about something I turned in to the correct person last month, on time. They were very upset that I hadn’t sent it in. (They are in the middle of administrative changes and they apparently decided it would be easier to have each individual person send the forms in again rather than to get them from the person they were sent to.) It’s Christmas break. As an adjunct I am absolutely not required to be in the office over the holidays. But apparently I am still required to work.

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