Business Cards for MLA

networkingMedievalist is asking for responses on business cards. Major conferences coming up, obviously.

I wrote on this topic just before I got my first set of business cards.

I actually ended up writing my email address on each one I handed out by hand because the addresses were so small they weren’t legible. So I went back and got new business cards. (I also have a handy batch of new bookmarks.)

At SCMLA I probably gave out ten cards.

I expect I will give out that many at MLA.

I still wish I could put my interests on my card, but I just don’t have space.

My card is white and the print is blue. Both my colleges have blue logos so that worked out well. I just printed in blue and put both their logos on the card.

I would have liked to have a picture or a cool image, but putting the logos of both my colleges required too much space to have anything else.

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