2010 Plans

Just as ProfHacker recommended an End of Semester Checklist, I always feel better if I look forward into the year to see what I will be doing.

For the first time in a long time, I know exactly what I will be doing academically.

At the SLAC I will teach two business writing classes and two classes on writing in the social sciences in the spring. All those are for the English department. In the summer I will teach a business writing class for the business school. In the fall I will teach two business writing classes for the business school and two writing in the social science classes for the English department.

At the CC I will teach two freshman composition courses in the spring and fall. One of each will be online. In the miniterm in May, I will teach an Early British Literature course.

I will be at Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Southwest Texas in February.

In March I will present on the rhetoric of sexual assault at the Conference for College Teachers of English in Texas.

I will also read my poetry at the Texas College English Association conference.

Finally in March I will present at the national College English Association on the rhetoric of sexual assault in popular speculative fiction.

In early May I will be presenting at Kalamazoo on Judith.

In late May I will be presenting at Computers & Writing on three refinements to course strategies folks are already using.

In June/July I will be heading to Lausanne for the International Hemingway conference.

In October I will be at the South Central MLA. I’ll at least be there as the secretary for Tech Writing. And I hope to be presenting as well.

I would like to do the Conference on Christianity and Literature, also in October.

And, finally for October, I’d like to do the Texas Medieval Association conference. I’ll need to come up with a better presentation this year, though.

For this, I don’t have a lot of plans. Obviously I’ll need to write the conference papers I haven’t yet.

I’d like to do a chapter for Romance Fiction and American Culture. However, I am not sure how much time I will have to work on that and/or exactly what I would submit, though I have notes on a couple of different directions.

I want to send something to SMART. Probably something based on my Kalamazoo talk.

I would also like to publish a revision of my conference presentations on religion in speculative fiction.

I would like to get my silence paper published, which I once again did not manage last year. That was totally my fault as I did not have time to do all the changes they wanted and write my book. I’m sad about it, but…

I would like another contract on a book. Of course, I do have plans for this summer; last summer I only had my book to work on.

I guess I need to work more on my writing section. The other is fairly well planned out.

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