MLA: 2/3s of Day 2

I have been to four presentations today and have two more to go to. I skipped the 5 pm one because I hadn’t eaten anything since 9 am and I had a low blood sugar headache and was nauseous. (Yes, TMI.)

The presentations today were more problematic than yesterday’s. One set everyone read. This is the reading I think people get upset with. They read papers which were written to be articles, not written to be presentations. They weren’t easy to follow nor light enough to enjoy anyway. One took double her alloted time. Another set, two read (as above) and one went over by ten minutes. The third set one speaker wasn’t there. They didn’t go over and there were lots of good questions. Somewhere between 30 and 40 people were there. (That was mine.) The fourth one was good, too.

I am going to two more this evening.

I haven’t been to the book exhibit and I’m not going to make it there, either. I guess that’s good for my pocketbook. Bad for my idea-generator (brain), but good for the economic end.

I haven’t hit the cash bars and eating in the room has kept my costs down.

I am glad I came.

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