Writing about Franklin’s Autobiography

The editors of the MLA “Approaches to Teaching” volume on Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, Carla Mulford and Jeffrey Weinstock, invite proposals for contributions.

All approaches to teaching the text at the graduate, undergraduate, and secondary school levels will be considered.

Inquiries and 250-word proposals should be emailed to both editors by February 15, 2010. Send to Carla Mulford at cjm5 at psu.edu and Jeffrey Weinstock (who will handle most correspondence) at
Jeffrey.Weinstock at cmich.edu .

I cannot give you the original URL since it was sent as an email. However, I thought it was worth putting up here. Maybe some of my readers are working on Franklin.

I cannot give you the original source, since it was sent to me in an email. However, I think it is something lots of folks do work on.

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