Saga of Online Teaching: 3

After having found the right place (Angel) and the right course (2W), I tried to find where quizzes are created. Even though not all the course was ready, I thought that would be a good place to work.

It seemed like the best place to look would be Manage. But clicking through there did not find anything that looked like what I remembered.

I wanted something easy and quick. “Create quizzes.” I was fairly sure I had seen that somewhere. Now how could I find it?

I couldn’t.

So I googled “create quizzes Angel” and found Lessons Tab: Create a Quiz.

Saved by the internet. It’s under Lessons.

So I went to Lessons. But there was no “create quizzes.” There was, however, a section called “create assessments.” Surely it wouldn’t be too hard from there.

Maybe. But it was.

Maybe I should have done that tutorial that I found at Training Angel.

So I returned there.

The tutorial says to go to Lessons. Then Add Content. Then Quiz. Unfortunately, I did that. Nothing about a quiz. And Assessments didn’t have quizzes. So I was still lost.

Stay tuned: What will I do now? At this point I don’t know and I feel like a total idiot. I have some options. I can wait until the staff are back on campus and go crying to them. (I might do that.) Or I can go retake my school’s tutorial. (I might do that.) Or I can decide I’m going to wing it. (No way am I doing that.)

Tomorrow will bring you SOT: 4.

I know you are on pins and needles for this. And, yes, I know how it ends. I didn’t put this up till I did.

One thought on “Saga of Online Teaching: 3”

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