Reading List, short works

4. Short works of Latino/a literature:

Michelle Serros “Senior Picture Day” (Lit for Composition, Pearson Longman)
Anna Lisa Raya “It’s Hard Enough Being Me” (Lit for Composition, Pearson Longman)
Luis Valdez Los Vendidos (Lit for Composition, Pearson Longman)
Sarah Cortez “Tu Negrito” (Lit: A Pocket Anthology, Penguin)
Simon J. Ortiz “The Serenity in Stones” (Lit: A Pocket Anthology, Penguin)
Self-identifies as Native American, and is, but is also Latin American. Is there a place for multiple ethnicities? Does everyone get to choose the one they are?
Julia Alvarez “Bilingual Sestina” (Lit: A Pocket Anthology, Penguin)
Alberto Ríos “The Purpose of Altar Boys” (Lit: A Pocket Anthology, Penguin)

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