Saga of Online Teaching 7

I became a pioneer.

I was the first participant (from the participant side) in a webinar through my school. Since we have 50,000 students and a very large high-tech capacity, that’s pretty amazing.

It was an online course about how to teach online.

Most of the things they were teaching I already knew and I didn’t get around to asking my questions, but… I learned some and was able to participate in something new.

Through the course I was able to find out that we have online help 12 hours a day 5 days a week for online teaching questions. That was useful.

I also found out that there are tutorials online. (I had looked for them, but in all the wrong places.)

So, I was slowly making progress with my learning and education, as my class unfolded.

One thing was very clear. If there wasn’t a grade attached to it, no one would do it. So my students totally skipped the email etiquette presentation.

At this webinar I did find out how to let them know I had noticed that. That was very useful.

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