Employment Advice, expunged

Problems with working ft at his SLAC:
1.He also said I wouldn’t want full-time at his SLAC because 70% of the time is committee meetings. (They don’t think the faculty do any real work, so they make it up?)
2. Also, once you are hired, you don’t get raises there. Some people are working for the same salaries they came in under 20 years ago.
3. He also said they aren’t very favorable towards “midcareer or career change” hires. They want someone who will be there for years. (Then he said that another college wouldn’t mind hiring “older” applicants. So I’m guessing this is PC for “You are too old.”)
4. Finally, just guessing from the way the wind is blowing (and no insider knowledge), more people are going to get cut.

He said I don’t want to work there full-time.

It’s really hard to take that excellent advice and apply it to my life.

Because I was pretty sure I did want to work there.

Update: The faculty there had 7 English teachers at the beginning of this year. Two quit. Two were fired. One moved. They hired one. Yeah, he was right. I didn’t want to work there.

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