Five Applications Out

Today two more postings in my area went up. I applied to both of them. They were a little problematic. They didn’t want my CV, just an academic résumé. That means I have to get my shortened version of my CV from eight pages to two. It’s a bit of a crunch.

I also wonder why they are asking for résumés rather than CVs. I guess at least part of the reason is so that they do not have to look through so much paperwork.

Of course, my CV has my courses on the first pages (1-3) and then my publications are on pages 3 and 4. Presentations start on 4 and go one full page. I took some of them off because they were “off topic.” Then I have administration, copy editing work, awards, professional service, professional organizations, community service, continuing education, and references… So, yes, I can see why they would want a résumé rather than a CV.

My résumé still has my contact info, my classes I’ve taught, but then it goes to a shortened version of publications, skips presentations all together, and finishes with professional organizations, professional service, and awards.

It’s a lot easier to look at quickly and, probably, it is a lot easier to compare to others.

So I have five applications out, three at the same college. That college is the farthest away and that is why I hadn’t applied there before. However, I want to teach full-time and I am going across town anyway. So it doesn’t matter.

Jobs are available, just not as many as there are people applying for them.

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