I was the last phone interview (again) for a place. I think it went well.

They asked me:
1. Why would you want to teach at a small college?
2. How have you used technology in your classroom?
3. How do you deal with the challenge of people of diverse ages in the classroom?
4. Discuss a specific situation where you helped a student who was struggling.
5. How have you contributed to the department/school outside of teaching?
6. Discuss one of your assignments and how it matches your teaching philosophy. (I went WAY over on this one. And the phone cut out, so they had to call me back on my office phone.)

I asked them what they liked about the school. They said:
family feeling at the school
know all the faculty and work closely with them
flexibility to try new things and tweak if something doesn’t work
everyone (staff, faculty) jumps in to get the job done, step outside their job description

I also asked them to discuss their student population, which was much as I thought it was.

I have to say that after talking to them I am much more inclined to like their school. They had a lot of good things to say and they really like their work. I would love to be a part of a school where the faculty feel that way.

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