Where am I going?

Recently I was forced to reconsider where I am going with my academic career. My CV is getting me interviewed at community colleges, but not at SLACs, which would be my first preference due to variety of classes and class load.

I thought about what I would want to do (though possibly status played a part in that thinking) and rewrote my CV for that position particularly. It shrunk by four pages because I have a lot of work that is not in that vein. I was working hard to get papers and presentations written and given. I did not concentrate, but did anything I could do.

The problem with that is … If that’s not the direction I’ve been headed, is it really the direction I should go? Just because I think it would be cool to do is not a guarantee I would enjoy it.

I don’t know.

The job search is becoming stressful again. The job I thought I was a shoo-in for did not even interview me. The job I wanted the most and did a lot of work for did not interview me either. The third job, the one that matches the trajectory I would like for my career, has not called me either. Nothing from them.

No 3
Maybe 3
Nothing 3

Sometimes balance is overrated.

I am not sure where I am going with this. I would like work that is challenging, but doable; interesting; varied; and stable. Yeah, not asking for much, am I?

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