That Was Quick

I received a No email yesterday, which was the third no I posted about. However, I didn’t realize that this was not for a position I hadn’t heard from before but for a position I only phone interviewed for on Monday. So from Monday to Wednesday, they decided they were going to hire someone else.

Why does that sound like an inside candidate? I am not opposed to those. I would like to be one of those, but it sure hurts to have gotten hopes up for no reason.

However, the reason that I discovered my misunderstanding is that I have an invitation to a phone interview for the position I thought had turned me down.

So the same numbers, but revised possibilities:
No- a, h, cff
Interviews still in progress- cf, cf2, t
Nothing- s, u, n

Note: On the nothings, I do not expect to hear from u (not as qualified as others) or n (interviewed last year). S is accepting apps till 4/15, so I hope to hear positive news from them after that.

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