6-word Stories

A friend at another college across the state had her creative writing class write 6-word stories. She also asked for additional suggestions from her Facebook friends.

Then her class voted on their favorites. And the winners were:

She can’t remember who loves her. (Kenneth H)

Always remember to kiss me goodnight. (Lori R)

Dear Lord/Bad Day/Please Help. (Chuck F)

Went for drinks. Never came back. (Susan W)

Did not study. Re-taking the class. (Keith R)

Hands held. Lives meshed. 60 years. (Dr. Davis, top vote getter)

You’re sorry. I’m sorry. What now? (Amy J)

New love. New memories. Old wounds. (Hilary W)

At work. On facebook. Got fired. (Elizabeth W, #2 vote getter).

One bended knee. One response: “Yes!” (Ben Wall)

“I do” lasted them until death. (Brandon F, #3 vote getter)

Prom dress. Hotel room. Courage. Rejoicing. (Trisha W)

Family of four. Cancer. Now three. (Ann A)

College bound. Dream found. Beautiful sound. (Saundra W)

Apple skin, stuck in Adam’s teeth. (Kenneth H)

I think this would be a great creative exercise.

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