Proposals for Conferences

I sent off a proposal to CCCC last night. I was a bit late with it. (The actual deadline was last Friday, but they added a six-day addition.)

I have no idea if they will accept the proposal, but I was glad to be able to submit it and get it in.

I have a few more proposals on rape (rhetorical, literary, and popular culture) that I am submitting places. I may end up working out that dissertation topic I gave up twenty years ago after all.

I am considering proposing a session for next year’s Medieval Congress. The grad student of a friend is working on a related topic. However, I haven’t done medieval work on rape yet. So I am not sure what I would do.

I attended a discussion on Pamphilius and Roman de la Rose, rhetoric and rape. You can see why I would be interested. I had never heard of Pamphilius before but it is a Latin comedy of France in the twelfth century. You can see why I might not have heard of it.

However, what Alex (of U of Alabama) presented made me think that it would work well with the rhetorical changes of rape survivors and I wondered if I could look into it and see if it matched what I have found.

Otherwise, I want to submit a panel proposal for K’zoo, but I don’t know that I would have a paper. The Old English interests I have do not coincide with the assault survivor rhetoric studies I have been doing.

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