K’zoo Session Today

Went to MAM today and found out that there is an exhibit on the Bayeux Tapestry in Second Life. Apparently you can get there with just a URL. I would like to get that URL and assign the exhibit.

I also heard a research project that a professor does to find out what his students know about the Middle Ages. I am embarrassed to admit that with a PhD I had absolutely no idea the answer to one question and could only half answer two. It seems like I am not even as knowledgeable as he expects his undergrad classes to be.

I got an interesting handout on multiple translations of Beowulf. I haven’t decided if I will use it in class or not, but I might. However, I think I will stick with doing Riddle 33 that way.

We had to leave before the questions so we could get to the airport. The others almost missed their flight. Mine was two hours late, so I was at the airport for four hours.

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