CFP for Community College Folks

My new job means that, among other things, I have a reason to attend the TYCA SW conference this year.

So… August 15th is the deadline for presenting.

Laredo Community College invites you to the 45th TYCA –SW Conference in Laredo, TX on October 21- 23, 2010 at the historic La Posada Hotel. We welcome individual presentations, small group panel discussions, and workshops focusing on our conference theme “Connecting the Dots”. Today, we work with the most expressive and tech savvy generation of students in our rapidly changing world. Though some are not fully prepared, most of the students are optimistic, empathetic, world aware, and hopeful of the future. With our advanced technology of e-mail, Twitter, blogs, and Facebook, these “Billionnials” are communicating every second. We seem to live in a world where anything seems to go. How do we connect the dots to align traditional writing and literature with their world? How do we make them connect the dots? As instructors, are we on a collision course or harmonizing? How do we inspire our students to become careful readers, critical thinkers, and thoughtful writers? How do we help them connect the dots between literature and composition, college, career, and future endeavors?

I’m looking forward to going.

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