Amazingly Quick Turnaround

Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association and the regional group, Southwest Texas Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, have calls for papers that come out in September or early October. Their deadlines are November 30 and December 15, depending on which one you apply to.

However, what some people do not realize, the two conferences actually give you an acceptance or a rejection within two weeks. So if you apply October 1, you will hear back by October 15. That means that if you are rejected, you can apply to a different session.

This year I’ve been really busy with my new job, but as I am at SCMLA I had some down time in the evening. And so I applied to PCA. I received my acceptance today.

That is an amazingly quick turnaround. It is also quite encouraging to get an acceptance!

So, if you have something you wanted to present that is related to one of the hundreds of categories for this conference, now is the time to apply. Go for it.

Potential subject areas include:
automobile culture
baby-boomer culture
disasters and culture
fat studies
gender studies

And I skipped 80% of the sessions.

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