Why Folks in the South Should Go to College

Of every 100 ninth graders in the south, 30 don’t graduate from high school in four years, the report found. Forty graduate but either don’t go to college or drop out before their second year. After six years, only 20 percent have earned a college degree.

Unemployment rates in Southern states for people 25-64 years old range from 10 percent to 22.4 percent for high school drop-outs, 5.4 percent to 9.7 percent for people with some college or an associate’s degree, and 3 percent to 6 percent for people with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

one-dollar-frontYou can drop your unemployment from 22% to 6%. Makes sense to me.

But only if you can do the work of college.

The quote above is from Community College Spotlight.

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