Good Teachers

James M. Lang, in commenting on “The Invisible Curriculum” writes about interviewing an author.


For Perlmutter, searching for that spirit-lifting moment in your teaching now and then is not merely a selfish pursuit, one that will leave you happy and fulfilled—although it should, and that may be reason enough. But it has practical effects as well. “You will not be a good teacher,” he writes in the book, “if you don’t enjoy being a good teacher.”

And you are more likely to be a good teacher, I would add, if you enjoy teaching. For some of us, that enjoyment may come from a well-delivered lecture or a stimulating class discussion, as well as from our contact with students in one-on-one meetings. But for all of us, Perlmutter’s book suggests we should not hesitate to demonstrate to students our pleasure and satisfaction at working with them.

I love teaching my students. They are fun, dedicated, and impressive. They are not perfect, but I am so glad to be their teacher.

My students are amazing and I want to find a venue to celebrate them and what they are doing by getting their education. My students are going against the grain to earn the degree that they are pursuing. It is a challenge for them and yet they continue steadfastly. They are amazing.

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