MLA: Open Professoriat

Elizabeth Vincelette, Old Dominion University
writes for ProfHacker

This is a live blogging of the session.

One model, open Yale courses online. Video recordings, audio recordings, transcripts of classes. In this model, open = open access.

This model of an open professoriat is not my ideal. Based on consumption, not exchange. Yale’s openness only flows one direction. Window versus door.

Social media plays an important role in what we mean by open professoriat. It has been a lifeline to those working in my field.

Last summer woman posted call for sharing information on modern poetry. Opportunity to share my work and get feedback was a real boon. Good model of exhange. Digital humanities.

Not a lot of scholars who are participating in social media.

What does it mean when this openness is filled with people who already agree with us? How open is that?

How open can we be really, if our chair is following our twitter stream? (Not. You know my experience with that.–er, no you don’t. I didn’t put it on the blog. Perhaps now I will be able to do that.)

Call for a different kind of interaction, that with our audience.

One thought on “MLA: Open Professoriat”

  1. Thanks for blogging all of these sessions. I was following on Twitter last night, but it’s nice to read about them in a little more detail.

    Lots of stuff this year at the MLA about using blogs and twitter. That’s great news. Now, if we can just get our departments and institutions to see their value, too.

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